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A key role of the RDA is to help scientists and researchers from disparate disciplines develop the skills and tools necessary for carrying out data science and data sharing within their fields. In addition, researchers from disparate domains are often attempting to solve similar problems, but may be unaware of how an issue is already being tackled by practitioners elsewhere. Outreach and education is very important as it allows Working and Interest Groups to share their expertise beyond their own community, offer educational resources, and avoid the duplication of effort in tackling problems that may have already been addressed.

The work of the groups included here all contains some degree of implicit or explicit focus on education and training. Some are focused specifically on developing education tools and courses, while others have produced instructional outputs, or developed best practice recommendations for a field. Interest Groups in particular may not yet have a fixed end goal, and much of their early work will focus on ‘fact-finding’, and identification of challenges, which can provide a useful survey of the field.

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Relevant RDA groups

Archives & Records Professionals for Research Data IG

The objective of the Archives & Records Professionals for Research Data IG is to explore the areas where the principles and practices in the information disciplines of archives, records management, and research data curation overlap and where they diverge. Archives and records professionals serve in a range of critical roles: as experts in ensuring access, preservation, and reuse of records and archival collections; as provocateurs for good records curation practices; and as advocates for the construction of sustainable infrastructures for information sharing.

The IG will build relationships among professionals who are committed to developing data sharing frameworks and practices that are able to withstand the various challenges introduced by the passage of time: technological obsolescence, loss of contextual understanding of data, and resource constraints that make it impractical to commit to preserving all data forever.  This IG also aims to bring the skills and competencies which have long existed in the archives and records management communities to the wider RDA community ­ many of whom will not be aware of this existing expertise.

Big Data IG

The goal of the Big Data Interest Group is to produce recommendation documents that advise researchers on an appropriate Big Data solution for their community and provide best practice for the various computing issues related to such a solution. The objectives of the group include clarifying and defining relevant big data terminology, characterising leading Big Data technologies and collaborating with external organisations through IG member involvements.

Data for Development IG

Many researchers work on topics which require information from areas and population groups where only limited data exist. The Data for Development WG focuses on access to and usage of data from a variety of sources of relevance to development studies, human rights, conflict research and vulnerable and hidden populations. The IG reaches out to research institutions in academia, organisations, and ministries with data in order to form the basis for cooperation and data exchange.

Development of Cloud Computing Capacity and Education in Developing World Research IG

Cloud computing platforms have the potential to circumvent the infrastructural problems that Developing World Research (DWR) encounters. This Interest Group proposes that cloud computing infrastructures can provide DWR with the leverage necessary to compete with Developed World Research and apply knowledge in providing solutions to the critical problems they encounter. The group will discuss the collation of cloud computing training materials and will liaise with other relevant organisations such as CODATA with similar interests.

Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG

The Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG recognises the need for a new set of competencies and skills in research data management and data sharing, and the weaknesses in current provision of education and training in these areas.  The group aims to promote training and education in this area and make the case for creating taxonomies of the skills required in order to facilitate standardisation and professional recognition in education environments.

RDA/CODATA Summer Schools in Data Science and Cloud Computing in the Developing World WG

This group was established to provide the framework to run a series of summer schools on Data Science and Data Sharing in low and middle income countries. Research in these countries is hampered by a variety of infrastructural issues. The students for these summer schools were postgraduates and university lecturing staff, allowing them to gain the skills and tools to carry out their own research, relevant to their societies. This group has now completed its work

Teaching TDM on Education and Skill Development WG

The Teaching TDM on Education and Skill Development WG was established to address the current skills gap identified with respect to Text and Data Mining (TDM), and help improve the adoption of these practices in a range of research disciplines. The working group aims to develop a short module that can plug into existing courses (e.g. the CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science and existing university research skills courses) to equip researchers and practitioners with basic TDM skills and increase the use of these.

Outputs of the Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG

No outputs yet

Outputs of the RDA/CODATA Summer Schools in Data Science and Cloud Computing in the Developing World WG

A recommended output: Framework for Summer Schools in Data Science and Cloud Computing. The framework includes a curriculum specification, as well as publicly accessible online classroom materials. 

Outputs of the Teaching TDM on Education and Skill Development WG

No outputs yet

Outputs of the Big Data IG

No outputs yet

Outputs of the Archives and Records Professionals for Research Data IG

No outputs yet

Outputs of the Data for Development IG

No outputs yet

Outputs of the Development of cloud computing capacity and education in developing world research IG

No outputs yet